Times have changed and with it, homes. Homes of the current generation have turned smarter with automated products. The idea of automaton is not only meant for making living easy, but also economises on regular power consumption. Making your home smart is not a tough task considering the gadgets that are available and the ease with which they might be procured. Gadgets for Smart home could change the entire environment of your dwelling, and at a compromising price. The best part about these automation items is their ease of use and their affordability.

Home security

This is perhaps the most important of home automation services. Security of life and properties can never be compromised under any considerations. Biometric devices, remote locking systems, surveillance cameras, and video monitors are instruments that make up your home security system. Remote locks are hands free and could only be operated with a remote device. A biometric lock would only open after verifying images of retina, finger print, or hand impression. Surveillance cameras and CCTV are a standard form of security in homes spread across a large area.

Home safety

Home safety or fire safety is also of utmost importance for residences, be it a bungalow or an apartment. Smoke detectors fitted in different areas of your apartment or house warns you of any unwanted smoke. Along with smoke detectors it is advisable to install water sprinklers or carbon dioxide extinguishers. Both extinguishers are programmable and operable through intelligent systems

Climate conditioner

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) is among the most common of automation devices. In many instances, this is the initial step towards home automation. Houses in tropical areas opt for air-conditioners more, while those in colder areas settle for room heaters. Latest generation climate conditioners could be used throughout the year irrespective of your place of residence. These intelligent systems could monitor room temperature as per your requirement. In addition, these are capable of monitoring humidity of enclosed areas.

These climate conditioners being energy-star certified help in conserving energy through judicious use of power.

Lighting automation

Lighting automation is gradually becoming popular. Lighting of your interiors could be regulated depending on natural illumination. A home theatre could be ideally complemented with automated lighting to create a perfect ambience for a cinema show or concert in your living room. It is possible to have decorative lights to brighten up your mood.

Using energy efficient and environment friendly lights is also a process of lighting automation. Filament bulbs, and fluorescent lights are gradually being replaced by CFL (condensed fluorescent lamps) and LED (light emitting diode) sources. These consume less energy to provide same illumination output as filament bulbs of fluorescent tubes. As these consume less energy your recurring cost is significantly lowered.

Home theatre

A large LED television fixed to a wall in your living area aided by a home theatre would create a performance zone in your home. You could get a riveting experience of a blockbuster cinema sitting in your living room with family members and friends.