Tech savvy generation of home owners in India has plethora of home automation brands to choose from. The quest is to get the best home automation done from the best of manufacturers offering the best features, reliability and competitive price. Home automation is the epitome of luxury homes that one seeks in India these days.

What is a beautiful palace good for if you still have to depend on servants or gear up yourself to do simple tasks like switching on and off the lights, air conditioners, television… if you still have to deal with home guards and still you are too far to monitor your house when out of city! The benefits of home automation are plenty and so are the manufacturers and service providers.

At Smart Automation Technologies, it’s our continuous effort to team up with the best of brands to provide satisfactory home automation solutions. Let’s take a look at top home automation companies in India that are solution partners of Smart Automation Technologies in the following fields:

1. Home Automation Solutions
At Smart Automation Technologies, we cater to all residential home automation solutions. You can opt for either custom solutions or retro-fit home automation solutions. Our home automation solutions partners are India’s top home automation brands like Schneider Electric, L&T and Control4. These brands are catering to home automation sector for over a decade now and can be seen as reliable and innovative brands.

2. Home Security Solutions
Given the level of crimes prevalent in the society and the peace of mind we deserve, Home Security systems are a must these days. For house security systems, Smart sources gadgets from leading brands like Securico, Yale and KlugKraft. The home security solutions range from Surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Guard Monitoring systems, Access Controls systems, Fire Alarm systems, Gas Leak detectors, Keyless Digital Door locks, Fingerprint door locks and more…

3. Home Theatre Systems
When it comes to gratification of personal entertainment, there’s nothing better than a home theatre system; where everyone in your family or friends can enjoy family videos, movies and more any time any day. The sound experience should endeavor sonic details and hi-definition visuals must create the perfect Home Cinema experience. Keeping this in mind Smart Home Theatre systems are assembled from international brands like JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, markLevinson, Revel, PSB and more… creating a true HD, supersonic and hi-performing Home Theatre.

4. Curtain Automation Solutions
Summers are here and what’s better than having a curtain automation system which can give you automatic settings like the “Sunny Morning” light to “Afternoon Nap” to a “Sunset Yellow” arrangement, you can do a lot with curtain automation system. Somfy and Nice are the Smart’s Solution partners for Curtain automation.

5. Industrial Automation
Industrial automation has picked up quite well in the last decade owing to the cost efficiency it entails and Go Green initiative it supports. Industrial automation includes security solutions, energy management solutions, automation of various processes and more… What can be better than industrial automation done by industry majors like Schneider, L&T and Securico which are the top-notch automation brands in India in their respective fields?

These are the brands which Smart has trusted in its operations in India and you too can trust them for life along with Smart’s technicians who are just a call away in any exigency! If you are planning a new home or renovating your old one, do drop by at Smart Automation Technologies’ Gurgaon or Mohali Experience Center to experience luxury redefined by these top automation brands in India! Happy Automation and Luxury Living!