Automation Technology Solutions that work for you!

SMART Automation is a visionary initiative that aims to transform the way of living and working in the 21st century. SMART Automation targets high-end yet economical automation services.
We efficiently control heating, cooling, lighting, security and other building management systems. We aim to extend the same set of services in the commercial and hospitality spaces as well and strive to simplify lives and resort to completely safe, green and environment-friendly practices that can be conveniently implemented in both, old and new buildings.
In association with our partners, we strive to provide what we promise. We encompass dealers, sales & service franchisees, customer service associates, technology innovators and more.

Services we cater to :

  • Home Automation
  • Mood Lighting Control & Management
  • Car Automation
  • Energy, Air & Water Management in Commercial Offices
  • Building Management System
  • Access Control
  • Video Security Surveillance
  • Audio Video Control